#15before2015 | An Update

by - December 07, 2014

What started out as a 'let me get few things done before 2015' project has been a humbling and learning experience to say the least. I've checked off six items off the list which means I am almost half way there. 

Any and every project takes patience and perseverance. When I drove down to Jumeirah beach the first time, I missed the sunset by few minutes. I felt deflated and  thought, 'hey I tried'. After a week, I decided to give it one more try and this time I left about twenty minutes early. I caught the sunset on camera. 

Not everything is easy to do. Have you noticed how internet makes us feel pretty much everything is easy to learn or do? You watch a YouTube video or read a tutorial and think, I could do that, that looks easy. But guess what, most of the time it's not easy. And that's OKAY. That makes the process even more fun and worthwhile. 

My list may look like a haphazard pile of activities at first, but the truth is, they were inspired by different moments of motivation and inspirations I've had in the past few months. For our wedding anniversary this year, J got me a macro lens and though I took few photos right after, I didn't put it to good use. Whenever I see raw food photography on Instagram, I tell myself I need to give that a try. I am embarrassed to admit this - I thought it was going to be easy. 

It wasn't. I struggled. I had painted one side of a wooden board that I normally use as background in blue and green. But the camera kept picking up the green. I tried different angles, kept foam cores on different sides, but it didn't work. Among the thirty or fifty photos I took, only a couple are worth sharing. It was a good reminder that people who do this as a job work really hard at their craft. They practice every day. They hone their skills on a daily basis to reach where they have reached.  

This wonky pillow case dress I made for Aisha reminded me the same - practice, patience and perseverance.

There is time for whatever we wish to do. Quite often, we give up quickly saying there isn't enough time in our lives. The truth is, there is. In my previous 15 before 2015 post, I had said that new stock is coming to store and things are going to be hectic. It was and still is. However, I've been finding time to work on the list and I even did couple of things outside of it. And you know what the best part is? These little creative endeavours are a great way to sneak in some 'me' time and also give ourselves a short break from all the troubles that comes with life. 

I made this scrapbook page using a cut file on Cameo. Both my Silhouette Cameo and sewing machine have been catching dust since months. They are finally out and happy to cut and sew. I am amazed at the capabilities of these machines and firmly believe they are good investments. The trick is to use them regularly. Again - practice, patience and perseverance.

I am working on the video, organizing photos, the super secret project and also decoupage. So far, I haven't done much reading and I think the summer mini album isn't going to work out this year. Nine more to finish in three weeks. Let's see. 

15 before 2015
1. Photograph sunrise or sunset at Jumeirah beach
2. Go on a breakfast date with J at Tom and Serg
3. Photograph raw ingredients
4. Shoot a process video
5. Sew a simple pillowcase dress
6. Craft something using my Silhouette Cameo
7. Get all my vacation photos printed and make a photobook of our photoshoot pictures
8. Decoupage something. Anything! 
9. Organize all my digital photos and upload them on Picasa/Dropbox
10. Finish my reading goal of 24 books in 2014
11. Finish watching videos of Hello Story and make couple of scrapbook pages OR document 'Day in the Life' or 'Week in the Life'
12. Make a mini album on Summer 2014
13. Teach a craft workshop
14. Share the story of Pretty Paper Studio
15. Super Secret - This is a project that I really REALLY want to start, but I just don't feel ready to share the details yet. A super secret project for now.

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  1. Ha Ha I agree about the looks easy not is not bit...I have tried in vain to do one stroke painting...even after several attempts I could only manage a sorry looking flower which looked like a tomato!
    Dr Sonia
    My latest post: How I repaired my Big Shot

  2. Loved reading it, somehow felt you were speaking the same words I wanted to convey too :-). One step at a time we can achieve our dreams slowly .



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