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by - December 11, 2014

Here are some food photos from my archives, along with links to recipes. Most of these photos were taken this summer and the related blog posts were updated with new photos. 

Rose Saffron Baked Doughnuts | Recipe by Beela Bakes | A lovely discovery this Ramadan

Pistachio Rosewater Cream Cake | Recipe by Dima Sharif | I've baked this cake so many times and it also won me first prize at a cake competition held recently. More on the cake, on my blog here

Lamb Biryani | Recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor. A biryani I've been making every Eid Al Adha for the past few years. 

Chicken Samosa | Recipe by yours truly

20 Minute Brown Butter Chunky Basil Pesto Pasta | Recipe by Half Baked Harvest. As the name suggests, a quick recipe to put together and a comforting one too. 

Kerala Crab Curry | Recipe by my friend Aysha that I had share here

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