It's not perfect, but it's mine | A Mixed Media Canvas

by - January 15, 2015

I've been trying my hand at mixed media and abstract painting for a while. I try to learn different techniques via You Tube and blogs including Pretty Paper Studio's (we have some really talented DT members!). 

As I had mentioned in one of my previous posts, it looks easy until you actually give it a try and I learnt that the hard way. God only knows how many canvases and sketchbooks I've ruined trying to recreate something that was in my head.

I've been on a creative kick thanks to my #15before2015 project and one Friday evening, when I had about two hours to myself, I put together this mixed media canvas. I was really inspired by Song Li's video that she had shared on the Live with Prima group. 

This project made me really happy. For one, this is the first canvas that I actually finished. Two, I have always been 'scared' of Prima products as they are not really my style. So when I used them, I felt my fear slip away and a little bit of euphoria take it's place. I also used yellow and gold, two colours I don't use often on my projects but have been loving a lot lately. 

I wrote this blog post in December but never hit the publish button due to my silly self doubts and 'it's not good enough to share' feelings. This year, my OLW being 'fearless', it's time to shush those fears and just put my work out there, for the world to see. 

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  1. Amazing what we can finish once we ignore those silly self doubts. Absolutely love these colors Neenu. I so want to start scrap booking myself. I've bought these stickers and an album but never get through with it.

    1. True Sayana. Most of the time, we get in our own way. Give yourself couple of hours for scrapbooking, you will get it done. :)

  2. Looks pretty near perfect to me. That yellow is too good!


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