A Year Of Creative Habits | January to March 2015

by - March 11, 2015

Weekly haul from Farmers' Market
One of my creative resolutions for this year is to practice photography regulary. I have been taking a lot of photographs, however, I feel I have been sticking to the same style or routine. Most of my food photographs has the same composition or props and most of my landscape photographs has the same frame or composition. I see very similar style while going through my archive. I am not saying it is a bad thing, just that I feel like I am being complacent and not pushing my limits. I have the right tools - dslr, prime lens (which I got recently) and a zoom lens. I have enough photography backgrounds and props for the time being. I would love to add more, (who wouldn't?), but I want to try different styles as well.

Some Eggspiration
I was really inspired by the photography demo given by Fiona Archibold and Murrindie Frew at the Middle East Food and Travel Blogger Conference. I also enjoyed the walk with Penny De Los Santos and then her talk at Gulf Photos Plus couple of days later. That weekend was creatively energizing to say the least.

During Penny's talk, she asked us to give ourselves an assignment, a task, something to do to test our limits and see how far we can go. I took her advice and have been shooting various food items and recipes from different point of view. I still feel I am sticking to the same style, but I do see myself venturing out of my comfort zone, little at a time.

I also painted my photography background board with chalkboard paints. I had tried acrylics a while back and didn't feel too happy with the results. The chalkboard paints worked really well though.  

Another thing I did was create a separate Instagram account for my blog. I was actually planning to start a new blog altogether as I felt this place was a bit cluttered. Then my friend Shruthi Joseph brought me back to my blogging senses and suggested starting a new IG account instead. This serves two purposes - I can have a portfolio kind of thing where I can see only my good photographs AND I don't have to worry about over sharing my children's photos or details. I turned my old personal account private, no more switching between private and public and that is a huge relief.

Carrot Top and Kale Pesto Sandwich
I came across Crystal Moody's A Year Of Creative Habits few months ago and I recently started playing along as I found how Crystal kept with her creative habit for 365 days (and is still continuing) very inspiring. Although I am not regular at posting daily, it gives me the right kind of push that I need. 

Potatoes getting stuffed with meat
On Monday, I attended a cooking class session by Let's Talk Food and thoroughly enjoyed it. I might have spent most of my time photographing Maisaa and her Mother instead of concentrating on the recipes. We cooked potatoes stuffed with meat, beetroot yogurt salad and baked a fenugreek olive oil cake for dessert. I loved how proud Maisaa and her Mother are of their Palestinian heritage and recipes. We need more of these cooking lessons in Dubai!  
Into the oven they go
So, that's a (rather long) brief on my creative habits so far this year. Is there anything creative you are working on, a habit that you would like to be persistent about? 

{Carrot Top Kale Pesto Recipe - carrot tops, kale, fresh basil, toasted walnuts, toasted pine nuts, Dijon mustard, 1 fresh red chilli, garlic, olive oil and sea salt. Whiz everything in your food processor and you have fresh homemade pesto!}

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