Day 5 | Throwback | Ramadan Journal 2015

by - June 23, 2015

If you are new here, kindly read this post to understand what Ramadan Journal is about. 


This was a tough one. I went through many many photos and videos today to pick one. I laughed through some old memories and cried through some. I was reminded how fragile our lives are and how much we take our loved ones for granted. 

This scrapbook page is about my then 3+ year old son helping me make some pastries during Ramadan. My daughter who was few months old then was probably taking a nap. I love how old photographs not just remind you of people but also the things in it. This photo was taken from our old apartment which had a tiny and unbearably hot kitchen. Yet, it was there I started my journey as a home cook and a blogger. I made many lovely memories there and I am feeling very inspired now. Sometimes we have to look back to see how far we have come. We have inspirations in our own story, we just have to look for them.

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