Day 7+8 | Mood + Grateful For | Ramadan Journal 2015

by - June 25, 2015

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Summer holidays have started and TnA are very much in a vacation mood. They just want to play, make a big mess of things, go swimming, watch cartoons. I let them do pretty much whatever they want to do as they deserve the rest after long hours daily at school. 

Grateful For 
When I made the list of prompts few weeks before Ramadan this year, I remember thinking this would be the easiest one to write on. Since then things have changed and I am finding this the most difficult one. Not because I don't have anything to be grateful for, but because I do not know where to start and what one thing to choose to write about. 

Let me say that I am grateful that two important people in my life are safe and sound. I am grateful that this year Ramadan has a whole new meaning for me and many around me. I am grateful that my children are slowly grasping the meaning of Ramadan and how this month is different from the rest. I am grateful that my husband can take care of us and I do not have to leave my children at day care to earn my living - I came across few women today who had to do this and it was heartbreaking. I am grateful to see photos pop up on Instagram with the hashtags #njramadanjournal and #njrj15. I am especially thankful to Happy Muslimah who has been using the Ramadan Journal prompts since I started in 2012. I am grateful that I have this blog that gives me the right amount of distraction and solace when needed. I am grateful for all the little and big things and ultimately I am grateful that my family are alive and well. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen. 

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