Day 12-14 | 4pm + Craving For + Mess | Ramadan Journal 2015

by - July 02, 2015

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From about 4pm, TnA will start asking me whether they can go swimming. 5pm on the dot they are out of the door. 



Craving for
I have been craving spicy food lately. Last night I just couldn't bear it and ordered Papa Johns Tandoori Chicken Pizza. So much for eating heatlhy this Ramadan. Gah! Photo here is of an easy grilled chicken recipe that I had shared on my blog couple of Ramadans ago. It was also my first photo to be accepted on Foodgawker so it is really close to my heart. It takes only four ingredients to cook this healthy and good looking dish.  


The way I pinch the sides of these chana dhal coconut parcels - we call them 'piri ada' - is always a mess. I know I can use a fork instead but I am adamant and stick with the classic style. Moreover, once they are cooked and ready to pop into your mouth, size and looks won't matter much. Samoosa and Unnakai are really popular Iftar snacks in my part of the world, but these are my all time favourite as they bring back fond childhood memories. What is your favourite Iftar snack?

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