Day 15-17 | Iftar+ Capture+Wish | Ramadan Journal 2015

by - July 05, 2015

If you are new here, kindly read this post to understand what Ramadan Journal is about. 


Decided to get back to healthy eating for today's Iftar. Chicken roasted in red curry paste and coconut milk - smells like heaven in here. Roasted veggies. Green salad (not in pic). Pineapple Mint Slush. Sorry if it isn't Iftar yet in your part of the world.


 "Allah alone is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs." (3:173)

This verse/prayer from the Holy Qur'an captures all my emotions at the moment in the most beautiful way. When you are in a helpless situation, all you can do is look up, pray and keep working hard by being positive that whatever He has in store for us is indeed the best for us.


I wish I could catch the next flight to sunny cool SFO! Pictured here is the gorgeous Contemporary Jewish Museum which we had plans to visit but couldn't get it done. Next time Insha Allah.

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