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by - July 05, 2015

Today I would love to introduce you to one of my favorite people on Instagram - Shahana Abdul RehmanIf I remember correctly, we met couple of Ramadans back via my Ramadan Journal posts. 

I absolutely love Shana's doodle work, her photography and her penchant for words. When I wrote to her couple of weeks before Ramadan requesting to do a bit of doodling for us here, she immediately agreed and I couldn't wait to see what she would make. And boy, she did not disappoint! Look at the cute little Eid Mubarak card! I love how clean and crisp her doodling is and how fun and different it is from the usual Eid Mubarak designs we see around. Masha Allah. Here's what she has to say:

Assalamu alaikkum everyone!

I'm Shahana (shanakutty ) a 20 year old girl from Cochin. I just graduated from college, and waiting for my company secretary classes to commence .

Talking about passion and interests, food and cooking are my passion, beginning a food blog is my dream! Photography and doodling are my favourite pastime. I enjoy creating colourful memories in a blank paper. Instagram for me, is a platform to connect and share. There are a lot of talented and lovely people out there, and it's a bliss when I get to meet a few of them..I get inspired by them and their creations. ❤️  I've been a regular reader and follower of Neelu since I joined Instagram , I've always admired her and her works. She's an Iron Lady! Allahuma barika laha.

I began doodling few years ago, I'm not someone who practices regularly nor takes an effort to improve my work . A lazy couch potato I am. Meanwhile I did few customised works for friends and college. Art, for me is something I do to relax my mind. The happiness you achieve after creating something fun and colourful is truly unexplainable. 

Other than doodling my new found love is typography and creative doodles. The thing I like the most about doodling is that, it needn't be perfect. The imperfection is the beauty. And we can scribble random characters that comes to our mind into the paper, and yet make it creative.

There are a lot of art accounts that has inspired me to doodle. Their works are perfect and neat, unlike mine. All I do is make some attempts to create my own version of their works. And I really believe things do workout well if you really have the passion to achieve it.

Here I'm listing down a few of my favourite art accounts that has inspired me: 

Do take a look at their works. The thing I love most about their works is that, they keep it simple. Simple yet beautiful.

In fact Raiza from @doodlesbyrz was the one who introduced me to the various art supplies and was a good critic for my art works. Others have also had a fair share in inspiring me with their beautiful creations.

The supplies I've used here are 

*Sakura Pigma Microns in number 2,4,6 and 8
* For colours I used Steadler Markers and fine liners.

Normally I do both freehand doodles and the usual way of drawing with a pencil first and then using a marker. It depends on the work we are doing . If the works are much more intricate then I'd suggest you to do the freehand drawing, Just swirl and scribble with your marker! You  might be surprised with the end result.

If it's more like cute characters , I'd suggest to do a light pencil drawing first and then outline with a good marker. For doodles all you need is a good black marker. Normally sharpies/pilot/ Steadler/ microns are suggested. Microns are the ones easily available for me. And it does wonders.

The DIY Eid Mubarak bookmark was inspired by this video. It's quite simple yet cute. I'm looking forward in making such more beauties. I've to thank Neelu for giving me this golden opportunity, because never in my dreams I had imagined that I'd get to write on a blog someday !

Oh Shanu! You make me sound like something else, I am floating here! Thank you so much for your kind words and for this very inspiring book mark you have made for my readers. Loads of love and prayers coming your way. Jazakumullah khair. xx

If you are new here, kindly read this post to understand what Ramadan Journal is about. 

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