End of an Era?

by - April 09, 2016

As I sit here irritatingly answering people’s constant ‘are you done, is the baby here yet?’ questions, I feel a bit melancholy. More than everyone else, I am eagerly waiting to meet the new baby. I cannot wait to feel his/her hair, ten little toes and fingers, In sha Allah. At the same time, I wonder what life would be like for TnA. They were born three years apart and are growing closer to each other every day. I remember feeling the same way before Aisha’s birth. Would Talha adapt well? Would he feel left out? Would I be able to handle mothering two children? How's Aisha going to feel being the second child? The worries were endless. 

Now I feel pretty similar about the third one. Would he/she feel left out with two older siblings? Are we all going to pamper him/her endless? That thought makes me chuckle. I remember being a bit apprehensive about the age gap between the first two and third. I worried whether it was too much of a gap. However, as days passed by, I realized it is indeed the best time if not the perfect one. Life has a way of calming you down and telling you that things will fall in the right place at the right time, you just have to be patient. 

The fact that Talha is quite independent now, can take care of himself and Aisha is almost there gives me a lot of peace of mind. What puts me at ease the most is their excitement and impatience to see the baby. Talha has been hoping for a baby brother since the beginning. Aisha on the other hand keeps fluctuating. When she is in good terms with Talha she wants a baby sister and when they aren't, she wants another baby brother. 

Conversation between Aisha and a friend of mine
They constantly make us laugh with their serious, albeit silly remarks. They have been telling pretty much everyone about a baby in their mommy's tummy and how they don't know whether it is a boy or a girl. Recently, Talha who is actually the patient one of the two, tells me - enough waiting Umma, let's give you an injection and get the baby out. That made me laugh out so loud! Alhamdulillah for two sweeties who has made this journey enjoyable. 

It is definitely going to be an end of an era – era of just T and A – but a happy beginning of a new one, In sha Allah. Do remember us in your prayers. :)

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