Ramadan Journal 2016

by - June 05, 2016

It's that time of the year again. We get to witness one more Ramadan. In sha Allah. I went back and forth several times about keeping a journal this year. Then I went to my Instagram feed and checked the hashtag #njramadanjournal. I went through several photos from last year - both mine and of people whom I have never met. I realized I would love to add more to the hashtag and look back next year. It's not going to be easy but then it is Amina's first Ramadan (we were blessed with a baby girl in April) and I would definitely love to document it. So here we go!

What should you do to participate? Simply click a photo related to the prompt and use the hashtag #njramadanjournal. You could also link to your blog post by leaving a comment on mine. Please do not over think and spend precious time on photos/prompts. It's Ramadan. We need to spend as much time as possible in Ibadah. :)

Ramadan Kareem! 

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