Spark On With Neelu | Day 11 | Be Brave

by - July 30, 2016

Sometimes I go through my blog's archives and I cringe at my photos and words. I then realize how brave I was back then to just sit and write and not worry about who read my posts or how many followers I had. Knowingly or unknowingly I was improving my craft. 

When I decided to start this series, a part of me was pulling me back. 'Who is going to want to read your posts? There are people better suited to give advice about these things!' The other part of me asked me to just jump in headfirst. I did. And here we are, on day 12! 

Be brave to put yourself out there. Showing your work to strangers will give you the encouragement to move on. Kinder strangers will tell you how you could improve your work. The best part, though? You never know whom you are going to inspire while inspiring yourself along the way.  

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