Spark On With Neelu | Day 11 | Be Patient

by - July 28, 2016

Patience is one of the key factors in achieving anything in our lives, isn't it? Whether it is weight loss, learning a new skill or launching a business, it can be really easy to get frustrated and throw in the white towel. Especially when we constantly see others' successes and start wondering why we aren't able to get there as fast as we thought we would. 

I remember the first few months after launching Pretty Paper Studio and how trying they were. I had expected a much better and faster start. However, there were hardly any sales. I used to worry about the inventory and how to sell them off - more on that in a later post. Even after more than four years, I am nowhere near my goal. I am constantly reminding myself how I have to continue working hard and be patient. 

We are all doing our best, we are giving every ounce of our being towards reaching our goal. We will get there. Soon. In sha Allah. 

PS. I was going through my archives and found this photo of brown lentil soup which reminded me of my post on the same topic. You can read it here

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