Spark On With Neelu | Day 14 | Go Cold Turkey

by - July 31, 2016

Most of the time going cold turkey on a bad habit is the best way to get rid of it rather than trying to cut down. My addiction of chai was creeping back into my life (about 5 cups a day) and about a week back I called it quits. I ran out of tea bags and decided not to get more.  

Over three years back, when we moved to our current apartment, we decided to pull the plug on cable TV. We do catch a movie or episodes of some our favourite series here and there via YouTube. However, no mindless watching of reruns after reruns. Also, our home is really peaceful with no constant noise in the background. We like it that way. 

If you feel you are spending way too much time on an app, delete it from your phone and access it via desktop. Tired of time-consuming group chats that doesn't add anything to your day? Say a polite goodbye and leave. 

What bad habits are you trying to quit?

PS. I made some tandoori chicken tonight for dinner and this was the only photo I had closest to 'turkey'. 

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