Spark On With Neelu | Day 16 | Share your Knowledge

by - August 02, 2016

A couple of years back, at a ladies gathering, I taught few women basics of crochet. I gave them wool and a hook and showed some beginners' steps. Fast forward, one of those ladies recently started selling crochet items. I was congratulating her on her new endeavour when she reminded me of that particular class and thanked me for teaching her. I was mindblown! Literally! I am no expert at crochet and all I taught was a couple of stitches and here she was, selling cute little baby items. 

Share whatever you know. Whether it is a language, a recipe, graphic design skills, it could be anything. You don't have to be an expert to teach. Share what you know, however little that is! Do not wait for appreciation and credits, just sprinkle them like confetti. And you might see someone take that first step towards their dream. 

PS. You can find her work on Happy knots and knits
PPS. I crocheted this hairband for Aisha when she was a baby, I can't wait for Amina to wear it.

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