Spark On With Neelu | Day 20 | Quality Over Quantity

by - August 06, 2016

Initially, when I started off this series, my plan was to not just share this one write-up of mine, but also motivational quotes and inspiring stories from around the web. Then I realized that this write-up in itself will take a good chunk of my time, especially if I wanted a good photo to go with it. And I do want a good photo.
So I decided to stick with just one post per day. On most days, I take my time to think about that day's topic (I have a list), how to frame the post and what photo to go with it. As you can imagine, I have many things taking my attention daily and I can easily get sidetracked. Taking this approach has not only taken the pressure off of me but also has improved the quality of my work. Basically, I go to sleep with a big smile on my face instead of a frown. Quality over quantity. Always. 

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