Spark On With Neelu | Day 22 | Socialize

by - August 08, 2016

I am quite good at public speaking, I can pull late nights when you want me to and even run a half marathon. When it comes to going into a room full of strangers and making a conversation? I freeze. I have noticed that sometimes my introvertish personality gets in the way of taking Pretty Paper Studio forward and have been working really hard to get out and meet as many people as I can. 

In this age of Whatsapp and Facebook, we may feel human connections are dwindling. However, it takes only a phone call or a text to ask a friend whether she/he is free for coffee. An evening with a friend can do wonders to not just your personal life but also work life. Try to make connections with people outside of your work/hobby so that you are pushed to talk and learn about different subjects. Sometimes, being in the same circle can make us narrow-minded about the world we live in. 

This month, I made the effort to meet up with two friends and also reached out to a couple more for later meet ups. I am consciously trying to get out of my comfort zone and see where it takes me. Are you? 

PS. These Chicken Lollipops were scrumptious and today's topic reminded me of them as they are perfect for parties. You can find the recipe here.

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