Spark On With Neelu | Day 24 | Commitment

by - August 10, 2016

Most of the time we think deciding to work on a goal is what it takes to achieve it. Wrong. A decision isn't what takes us to the finish line, it is Commitment. 

Commitment is what makes us get up early morning every day and train ourselves for a race, despite our mood, the weather, and the endless excuses that play in our head. Commitment is what makes a writer sit and write 1000 (or more) words daily to finish her book. Commitment is what makes a student attain the grades she wants. Commitment is the difference between 'meh, I will do it when I feel like' and 'I am going to do it now even though I am tempted to watch a movie'.

One of the best ways to stay committed to your goal is to break it into mini goals and work on each, one at a time. Instead of hyperventilating about reaching the end, take one day at a time and join the dots. 

Imagine yourself at the finish line and how you would feel when you are there after all the sweat and tears. I started this project with a lot of enthusiasm and within few days I could feel it fading. I kept on it by reminding myself how overjoyed I would be on Day 30, how I am going to reward myself for finishing this very personal series, how I would look back after a year or so and pat myself on my back for finishing something I started, and how this series might inspire me to start another one or inspire others to work on their dreams.   

Remember - "commitment is doing the thing you said you would do, long after the mood you said it in has left you". ~ Darren Hardy. 

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