Spark On With Neelu | Day 29 | Be Open To Change

by - August 15, 2016

Pretty Paper Studio was launched as a kit club - monthly subscription box of craft goodies primarily intended for scrapbooking and cardmaking. I had tried out few US based kits for my personal crafting and was in love with the idea. I painstakingly put together a couple of kits and launched the website with a lot of enthusiasm and optimism. 

BUT, there were hardly any takers the first two months. I tried different methods and started to feel really disappointed and heartbroken. During that time, I decided to try out a craft fair. For the first few hours of the fair, I tried selling the kits as kits. Many visitors who came to my stall asked whether they could purchase the items in the kit separately instead. I politely declined and didn't budge. As you can imagine, there were no sales. 

My friend Shruti who was helping me out that day suggested we should try selling items individually. Half-heartedly, I did. It worked. In just a couple of hours, I made a good amount of sales and returned home happy. 

Since I had already planned and put together kits for a couple more months, I kept with it and tried selling them. I started getting same queries - customers asked me whether they could purchase items individually. I realized that though a kit club was a great idea in some parts of the world, crafters here preferred individual items.  

This was a very valuable and humbling lesson and I feel it applies to all aspects of our lives. Sometimes we would be putting our best efforts towards a goal, working really hard and giving it our all and yet not getting the result we expected. What do we do? We try something different. Giving up on something which isn't working for us and trying a different route isn't a failure. It is just a change in path. Maybe a sad ending but definitely a beautiful beginning. 

PS. Happy Independence Day to my fellow Indians. 

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