Day 1-3 | Ramadan Journal 2017

by - May 30, 2017

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Day 1 - Hello
Hello, Ramadan! We meet again. Alhamdulillah. 
May Allah accept all our prayers and supplications and shower His choicest blessings on us. Ameen. Ramadan Kareem everyone. Hope you have had a good start! 

Day 2 - Early

I went for my morning walk earlier than usual lugging my DSLR hoping to take some photographs in the soft morning light, only to realize that I didn't slip in the memory card before leaving. As handy as my Samsung is, I still prefer my Nikon. Are you team Nikon or team Canon? 

Day 3 - Mini
The samosas I usually make are mini in size compared to those you get to see in cafeterias or restaurants. But since today's prompt was Mini, I decided to make them even smaller, sort of micro mini versions that you can pop in your mouth like you do koyyada. What I didn't think of was that the pre-made stuffing I was about to use weren't ideal for making these tiny samosas as the chicken pieces were quite huge to fill in. Woops! It was a struggle to seal the samosas properly at first, then I got a hang of it, and then it became addictive. I am waiting for TnA to get home and see these. I even went as far as buying a tiny bottle of ketchup which they love and I don't. I don't think I will ever be a fan of eating or feeding anything with ketchup. What about you, do you love it? 
PS. If you are interested, I have a step-by-step recipe for Chicken Samosas in my archives here.

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