Seven Tips to help Memorize Verses from the Holy Qur'an | Ramadan Journal 2017

by - May 30, 2017

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Day 4 - List
For some of us memorizing verses from the Holy Quran comes easy. But what about those of us who struggle especially as non-Arabic speakers? Here's a short list of practices that has helped me personally:

1. Read and Understand the Meaning
The first thing I do when I am trying to memorize verses or a chapter is read through the Translation and Tafseer (commentary/explanation). This not only helps me understand what the chapter is about and what I am about to learn but it also helps me in remembering the order of the verses. 
Let us take Surah Al Takwir (Chapter 81) as an example - the verses can be a bit confusing at first. But after looking at the meaning, I know the sun comes first, then stars, then the mountains, then the she-camels. Learning the meaning of oft-repeated words is a good way to remember verses as well. 

2. Break it down
Instead of trying to memorize the whole chapter or portion in one go, break it down to three (or fewer verses). Learn three at a time and move on to the next three only after you are finished with the first. Take your time and try not to hurry. 

3. Carry it everywhere
Now if you are a mom like me, carrying a Holy Quran along with your children's items may not be ideal. So what I do is, I go online, take a printout of the portion I am trying to learn and carry the sheet with me wherever I go. I also put it up on my fridge using a magnet so that I can quickly look and revise while I am in the kitchen. 

4. Write them down
Remember how our teachers in school used to ask us to write things down while trying to study. Same holds true when it comes to learning the Holy Quran. There's something about writing down and being able to remember or recall. 

5. Recite the verses during Namaz
We have to recite chapters and verses after Surah Fatiha in the first two raka'at, right? Why not recite the ones we are trying to learn? 

6. Teach someone else
Teaching others is a great way to learn new things and also to remember what we might have forgotten. If you can't find any adult willing to learn, then teach your child! 

7. Practice, practice and practice some more! 
This is self-explanatory. Practice as much as you can and whenever you can. Remember, there's always time to do things we want to do if we set our mind to it. 

Do you have any tips to share with us?

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