Spark On With Neelu Podcast | Episode #6 | Tahir Shah (Moti Roti)

by - May 25, 2017

"Entrepreneurship half of the time is problem-solving." 
- Tahir Shah, Moti Roti

I met Tahir and his Mother at one of the Ripe markets when they had just started Moti Roti. They have come so far from having a kiosk in the building Tahir worked at, to being vendors at various markets and now a restaurant of their own. How has the journey been? To find out, please download the episode and listen at your convenience. 

PS. We were recording the episode at the restaurant when the staff was busy setting up for the day and there's a bit of disturbance in the background. Please bear with us. 

Hit the Play button above to listen. 

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