Day 11-13 | Ramadan Journal 2017

by - June 08, 2017

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Day 11 - Quote 

I have to admit that with all of the things going around in the world, I am finding it difficult to continue my journal. At the end of the day, I am not saving lives or doing anything of significance. I keep asking myself whether any of this matters. Then I remember that people who are trying to spread hate and discord want us to do just that - stop, give up and be unhappy. And I won't give into that kind of pressure. We should all continue with our lives, our happiness and show them that see, this is how lives are lived. That our faith (Islam, Hinduism or Christianity or any other) does not teach us to take innocent lives in the name of religion but to live a life of brotherhood. That if we look past our outer differences, we are all the same. 

Day 12 - Fail

Day 13 - Beauty

TnA has started counting down the number of weeks left for our trip back home (Kerala). They can't wait to meet their cousins and I can't wait to see and feel the beauty of monsoon, Insha Allah! 

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