Day 17-19 | Ramadan Journal 2017

by - June 16, 2017

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Day 17 - Blue

My name is Nielouphar. It's Persian for Blue Lotus or Blue Lily. I love my name, it's not the usual Nilofar and I am thankful that Uppa (my Father) went to great lengths and created this unique spelling for me. 

When I was a kid, my name was abused like anything. My pet name is Neelu but people would call me 'neela kurukkan' (blue fox), 'neelam mukki' (remember Ujala?), 'loafer' (Anil Kapoor movie), to 'yeh neelu neelu kya hay' (from the Bollywood song 'yeh ilu ilu kya hey') etc etc. It used to make me go 'Ugh!!!' back then but now I smile when I am reminded of them. 

Now tell me your name and a bit about yourself. Ready, set, go! 

Day 18 - Note

A note to myself as an adult and as a parent. 

PS. Not a fan of my lettering here, can spot several mistakes. But I will leave it for a future before/after photo. In sha Allah! 

Day 19 - Abstract

I am not sure whether you have noticed, there's this growing murmur on the value of an education. Like, 'why should we go to school or attend college when we could be working already?' sort of attitude. Don't get me wrong, our school system definitely needs an improvement. That's not what I am talking about here. 

I have noticed that more and more people are asking or implying what the point of going to school or earning an education is. It's true that I haven't used Trignometry, Permutations and Combination since the 12th grade (thank goodness!) but I wish people saw the value in education beyond the text that we learn. The value of waking up to attend a class, putting up with something that we don't love, temporarily, just because we want to reach a larger goal. The value of 'showing up'. Apart from the skill sets that we are graded on, there are also values like punctuality, discipline, persistence, patience that we need to inculcate in ourselves and these, in my humble opinion, comes through education. I wish more of us understood that life and success are not a straight line that we can just sit and figure out. It's going in circles, going up and down, learning, undoing what we learned and relearning what we have forgotten. It's an amalgamation of good, bad and ugly experiences. And we are better suited to go through these experiences if we are educated. 

I hope I have made some sense here, if not please ignore this as a rambling of a sleep deprived mother. 

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