Day 27-29 | Ramadan Journal 2017

by - June 25, 2017

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Day 27 + 28 - Prayer and Grateful

These days I pray a lot for Sabr (patience). Sabr when I feel the whole world is going downhill. Sabr when not seeing positive results after working on something for a really long time. Sabr when caring for little humans at home. Sabr when dealing with big humans who act like little humans online. *roll eyes* --- Grateful for all you lovelies who have participated in #njramadanjournal this year. You guys are ze best! It was heartwarming to see all of you comment on each others' posts and keep this community going. Grateful for sending many new Instagram friends my way as well. JazakAllah Khair! 

Day 29 - Calm
Compared to Eid last year (with a newborn, two kids and all the related chaos), I am very calm this time. Alhamdulillah. 

I wanted to cook something really comforting for what could be our last Iftar this Ramadan. Dates and watermelon, an overdose of chicken in the form chicken fry (grilled actually), a cross between chicken ishtu and pepper chicken for curry, a simple salad, and pathiri that will be soaked in coconut milk just before the call of Magrib prayers. And of course, chai to end it all with, not pictured. 

Like every year, my heart feels heavy as we approach Eid. I feel like I didn't do enough or I could have done better. In sha Allah, I will try to continue with the good habits I started this Ramadan and strive better in the next. 

On a sidenote: as important as traditions are, there are Moms and Wives slaving in the kitchen on Eid when they could be getting a much-needed rest after thirty days of fasting in this gruesome heat. Let us remember these hard working women and make their lives a tad easier by helping in whatever way we can. 

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