Vegan Date Balls

by - June 06, 2017

Read my original post about Ramadan Journal 2017 here.

Day 10 - On My Table

We will be having these home made scrumptious date balls for Iftar today, in sha Allah. Let me know if you would like the recipe, they are super easy to make! Since several of you asked me for the recipe on my Instagram, here it is!

Recipe Adapted from Friday Magazine
2 cups Mejdool dates, pitted
2 cups walnuts
50 g sesame seeds
3 tbsp coconut oil, melted
Coconut powder, as required

Finely chop walnuts in a food processor. 
Add dates, sesame seeds, and coconut oil and pulse several times until it becomes a thick dough. Add a bit more coconut oil if required. 
Dampen your palms with water and roll out little balls from the dough.
Roll the balls in coconut powder. 
Freeze until firm. 
Leave the balls out for five to ten minutes before serving. 

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  1. I love everything in those pictures... really beautiful, whether it's the backdrop, the cake stand, the plate, the napkin or the spoon! <3 Easy recipe too...

  2. Those look yummy and easy to make thanks for sharing this recipe with everyone

  3. Looks like a great recipe, Masha Allah! I needed something like this for iftar! Now if there were only a shortcut to get the seeds out of the dates!


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